A Path from Incapacity to Contribution

The Alnwick Garden Summer Photography Project was
designed to give a unique opportunity to a small group of long
term unemployed from the deprived Ashington area. The unemployed
volunteers were selected on the basis that they had a
demonstrable and long standing interest in the visual image and a
desire to learn more about photography. They were also selected
on their ability to work together in a team that would take up a
commercial challenge to take a portfolio of photographs of
The Alnwick Garden, the region's best known social
enterprise would sell through The Alnwick Garden shop. The
volunteers committed to working together at this challenge from
April to July 2005.

“... to hone my skills in photography, especially with
camera work and perhaps even look towards trading a
business from this and selling images on the internet or
where ever people buy images.”
Mike Callan




Happy Ending
During the course of filming, the individuals in The Alnwick Gardens Photography Group decided to form a group called 
Northumbria Photoart, so that they could continue to work together and trade beyond profit. Enterprise Northumberland gave them the help they needed to formally set up their social enterprise and they have already paid back their first start up loan.

Full book of the film